Z-LUMINOXY Skin Brightening & Revitalizing Serum, 8 fl oz

Z-LUMINOXY Skin Brightening & Revitalizing Serum, 8 fl oz

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The Z-LuminOxy serum is a blend of naturally brightening extracts, peptides, and hyaluronic and glycolic acids.

This formula gently exfoliates the skin with Glycolic Acid while deeply moisturizing with Hyaluronic acid to bring a natural glow to the skin.

This amazing serum is combined with lemon fruit, bearberry, and licorice root extract is perfect for skin brightening treatments.

The Z-LuminOxy contains a very powerful brightening ingredient- bearberry extract, that is a botanical skin lightener.

It works by reducing melanin production, the brown pigment in our skin.

The Z-LuminOxy helps to block the formation of color pigments, as well as lightening age spots, freckles, sunspots.

Ideal for All Skin Types

The Z-LuminOxy helps to dramatically change the tone and color of the skin.

Citrus Extract with is powerful Vitamin C brightening effect helps with scarring, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration.

Z-LuminOxy helps to achieve bright, radiant skin, improving tone the skin. Z-Luminoxy also contains Licorice Root extract that also helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, scars, dark spots, and age spots. As well as Glycolic acid helps gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to further help brighten the skin.

Hyaluronic acid and Aloe vera help to deeply hydrate the skin while soothing and calming, help reduce redness and irritation.

Contains 0% Alcohol


  • Citrus lemon fruit extract - Brightening
  • Bearberry extract - Brighten the appearance of dark spots
  • Licorice root extract - Brightening pigments
  • Alpha bright peptide - Brightening and stimulates collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Moisturizer
  • Glycolic acid - Gentle Exfoliator
  • Aloe vera leaf extract- Calms and soothes

1 bottle of this brightening serum can last up to 50 Oxygen/ Hydro/ Mesotherapy Infusion treatments due to the rich and concentrated consistency.

Only 5 ml of the Zemits serum is needed for the entire Infusion therapy facial.

This Brightening Serum can be used in multiple treatment protocols

Dramatic skin improvements were achieved by a systematic use of LuminOxy tutorials, as it helps to illuminate and brighten the complexion.

Suitable with all brands of Oxygen Infusion Devices and other Protocols

The Z-LuminOxy Oxygen Serum is very popular among estheticians because of its super-brightening features.

This serum provides instant hydration and helps to diminish pigment spots and signs of skin aging.

Rich and Thick Consistency

This Oxygen Serum is thick in consistency and perfectly balanced with active ingredients for deep skin brightening and nourishing.