Z-SALICPURE Skin Purifying HydroPeeling Solution, 16 fl oz

Z-SALICPURE Skin Purifying HydroPeeling Solution, 16 fl oz

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Z-SalicPure is an advanced skin purifying and rejuvenating serum, loved by hundreds of estheticians all over the world.

Ideal for all skin types, but especially combination, acne-prone, oily skin, and aging skin types.

Created by skincare professionals for HydroDermabrasion Services, this proven formula is now wildly used by estheticians as a part of Hydro facial tutorials.

It is used by estheticians with any type of HydroDermabrasion Device.

Z-SalicPure Hydro Serum
Purifying Hydrodermabrasion Serum


  • Salicylic acid - Exfoliates and reduces acne
  • Willow bark extract - Exfoliates and rejuvenates skin
  • Aloe vera leaf extract - Calms and soothes skin
  • Turmeric root extract - Powerful Antioxidant, fights free radicals

Ginger root extract - Soothes, has strong anti-inflammatory features
For all skin types
16 Fl Oz

Ideal for All Skin Types

The Z-SalicPure is based on Salicylic Acid - one of the most popular exfoliators suitable for all skin types with proven rejuvenating features.

The Z-SalicPure enriched formula contains Aloe Vera extract (to soothe the skin), Tumeric and Ginger Root Extracts (to perform strong antioxidant effect) together with Salicylic acid and Willow Bark Extract.

This amazing acid blend helps to reduce the formation of acne and clogged pores while improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles. It also helps to improve the uneven skin tone bringing a healthy glow to the skin.

Purifying Hydrodermabrasion Serum

for Your Spa Services

Z-Serums are thick in consistency and perfectly balanced with active ingredients for deep skin infusion and hydration

Only 1 oz of the Zemits serum is needed for the entire Hydrofacial treatment.



Contains 0% Alcohol

The Z-Hydroserums don't contain any alcohol, compared with other Hydro Solutions on the market.

AMOUNT PER FACIAL: 1fl oz per facial. 16 fl oz can last up to 16 Hydro Facial Sessions


  • Salicylic Acid- Exfoliator
  • Willow Bark Extract - Exfoliator
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract - Calms and Soothes
  • Turmeric Root Extract - Powerful Antioxidant

The Z-SalicPure is a multi-action serum made to treat oily and congested skin, but is suitable for all skin types.

The wonderful combination of Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark gently exfoliates the skin to prevent any pore build up of dirt and sebum.

The skin is left with a visibly radiant and hydrated complexion.

Here are some benefits of the systematic use of the Z-SalicPure

  • Less oily gloss on the skin & Firmer skin with less visual pores
  • The normalized level of sebum production & Diminished blemishes, and uneven skin tone
  • Fresher and healthier skin appearance & Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles