Zemits CelluGlide Advanced Skin Toning System

Zemits CelluGlide Advanced Skin Toning System

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About Zemits CelluGlide

The Zemits CelluGlide is our newest addition portable device for body sculpting and cellulite reduction. This professional wireless device offers a comprehensive and handheld powerful vacuum therapy combined with roller massage power and EMS for a complete body remodeling device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Zemits CelluGlide performs the following treatments:

Lymphatic drainage
Cellulite reduction
Body contouring
Skin firming
The smart portable system uses vacuum therapy combined with EMS or Electric muscle Stimulation and roller massage to provide an effective and comfortable body treatment. The system comes with two interchangeable heads to provide treatments on various areas of the body.

How does it work?

Zemits CelluGlide combines EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation, vacuum therapy, and gentle roller massage. This procedure stimulates lymphatic circulation which reduces cellulite. The areas that can be treated include the top of the arms and legs, hips and stomach, and buttocks. "Orange peel" skin appears because of fat layers and bad liquid circulation—oxygen cannot reach the cells so connective fibers begin to form, and cellulite ‘holes’ form as a result. By combining vacuum therapy, rollers, and EMS to stimulate muscle activity, CelluGlide helps smooth out and reshape problem body areas. The Zemits CelluGlide helps normalize blood and lymph circulation, which subsequently reduces problematic cellulite on all areas of the body.

The user friendly operating system has only 3 buttons:

  1. Left button to control EMS power.
  2. Right button to control vacuum intensity
  3. Center button to Release vacuum suction

Dual Interchangeable Heads

Large roller head: Ideal to perform cellulite treatments on the legs, back, abdomen, and inner thighs/under arms depending on the size of your client.

Small roller head: Ideal to perform contouring treatments of the waist as well as more targeted treatments such as under arms or inner thighs depending on the size of your client.

What are some of the top benefits of the Zemits CelluGlide?

  1. No down-time after the treatment
  2. A perfect add-on to anybody treatment
  3. A safe and effective stand-alone treatment
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Smart and user-friendly operating system
  6. Two interchangeable heads for targeted treatments

What problems can it solve?

Treatment results with the Zemits CelluGlide:

  • Contours the body
  • Helps get rid of localized fat
  • Improves elasticity
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Drains lymphatic build up

Zemits CelluGlide Design

The Zemits CelluGlide is uniquely and carefully designed to comfortable fit the operator’s grip and glide along the client’s skin for painless and effective body sculpting treatments, making it a must-have in any body treatment room. The internal silicon rollers make it effortless to let the CelluGlide guide you in your body treatment. This innovative and wireless system operates for up to 8 hours once fully charged.

Consumables and Maintenance

Consumable Cost:
A great benefit of the Zemits CelluGlide is that you have complete control of your consumable cost. All that is needed is a conductive gel to power the EMS. Consumable cost varies depending on whatever conductive gel is used.

The filter can be found inside of the roller massage head and simply needs to be changed once it is no longer white. Ensure that your handpiece is fully charged before using again.