Zemits RevivalEra Erbium Fiber Laser

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What is the Zemits RevivalEra?

Zemits RevivalEra is part of the new wave of aesthetic Erbium lasers.
This new generation of Erbium lasers work similarly to CO2 lasers in that the erbium laser focuses directly on the water found in the skin tissue. This causes the surface cells to vaporize. When combined with thermal injury, rapid production of collagen is induced, resulting in tighter, more refined skin.
The laser has a wavelength of 1550nm and absorbs water in the tissue much more effectively compared to CO2 laser technology.
This allows for less intense thermal injury and ablation to the surrounding tissue which will help achieve better results with a faster recovery time.
The laser reaches as far as the reticular dermis. The Zemits RevivalEra Erbium laser is more of a superficial ablation treatment compared to the traditional CO2 laser. Also, the changes in skin color utilized during CO2 laser ablation that correspond with tissue depth are not present with the Erbium laser due to the fact that it does not cause the same coagulative effect. Instead, pinpoint bleeding it utilized to monitor for proper depth of treatment.

Why would Zemits RevivalEra Erbium Laser help in my practice?

The Non-Invasive Erbium laser skin resurfacing with Zemits RevivalEra is successfully used to reduce a wide range of skin imperfections.

  • Sun damage
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • skin laxity
  • hyperpigmentation
  • depigmentation
  • scars
  • and certain precancerous growths can be addressed with laser skin resurfacing*

*before using any Zemits laser for medical purposes, client needs to consult their doctor.

Ideal Candidate

Ideal candidates for Erbium laser treatments are those with a lighter complexion (Fitzpatrick levels 1-4) looking to receive targeted treatment for skin imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. The erbium laser offers a much less abrasive treatment and easier recovery for those seeking alternative treatments to CO2 laser resurfacing or chemical peel resurfacing.

Not Recommended For
Erbium laser treatment is not best used on clients with darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick levels 5-6) due to risk of hypopigmentation.

Recovery Notes
Healing will take approximately 1 week. Typically the recovery of an erbium laser treatment will be around half the time of a CO2 laser ablation. There will be some mild swelling and discomfort in the first 1-2 days although redness may persist for several weeks. Antibiotic ointment or pills as well as antiviral pills may be given to prevent any infection.


The handpiece has a carefully designed, lightweight build allowing for maximum control and a precise treatment. Advanced cooling technology works to maintain a consistent temperature which prolongs the lifespan of the handpiece.
Zemits RevivalEra is a non ablative fractional ablative laser with 1550 nm wavelength. It is a fiber optic laser with multiple patterns of scanning modes and ultra-high speed of scanning controller.