Zemits SilkEuphoria Deep Hydrating & Revitalizing Body Lotion

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One of a kind lightweight and deeply nourishing body lotion with light notes of ginger scent. The Zemits Silk Euphoria is a masterpiece for spa body services. It contains 8 essential oils, that help to soothe and soften the skin during or after body treatments. The Zemits Silk Euphoria was created for luxurious spa services and spa-like at-home use.

The skin's water retention ability is significantly increased by Sodium hyaluronate. It's also effective in treating oily and acne prone skin with its acne-combating and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Combines perfectly with body oils
  • Improves skin's water retention
  • Anti-inflammatory and effective for acneic skin
  • 8 Essential oils to soothe and soften skin

It can be used for gliding massage motions, as well as the final moisturizing step after body treatments, such as:
  • Manual body massage
  • Vacuum Cupping slimming treatment
  • Pressotherapy
  • Vacuum roller anti-cellulite treatment
  • Cavitation therapy
  • Cryo body slimming and toning
  • RF skin tightening

Key Ingredients
Hazelnut Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract

Hazelnut Oil
Visibly hydrates the skin with Vitamin E. Also improves skin elasticity, bringing glow and tightness back to the skin.
Helps create a natural layer of oil to avoid drying out and help the skin retain water.
Tannins are powerful antioxidants found in Hazelnut oil. This helps to remove bacteria while cleansing and refining the pores.

Sodium Hyaluronate
An All-Natural Hydrating Agent
Sodium hyaluronate is the sodium found within hyaluronic acid. It's seen in larger amounts in the dermis of younger skin and decreases with age which causes skin to look older. Hyaluronic acid works to bring volume back to the skin by holding water; this way even though you age, your skin doesn't have to.
Sodium hyaluronate is an excellent moisturizer for most all skin types.
It restores hyaluronic acid that is lost due to sun exposure and aging overtime.
A safe and effective moisturizer that is excellent for water retention and keeping the skin hydrated.
No injections ever required as Sodium hyaluronate has moisturizing benefits that only need to be applied topically.
It imitates the body's naturally produced hyaluronic acid and is safe for most all skin types.

Aloe Vera
Refreshes skin for a glowy, hydrated look.
Improves texture, fades darks spots, and overall evens tone.
Reduces acne and scarring.
Moisturizes the skin
Fights skin-aging with the Vitamin C and E that can be found in Aloe Vera. The abundant beta-carotene found in Aloe Vera gel has incredible anti-aging effects. It will also help eliminate skin blemishes and improve fine lines and wrinkles.
Helps to increase the production of collagen in the body and improves skin elasticity.

Vitamin E:
Helps restore several kinds of skin damage such as sun damage, scars, and reduces the appearance of acne scarring and pigmentation.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that removes environmental free radicals to prevent damage to the skin.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract is a powerful ingredient for anti-aging. Inflammation combined with environmental free radicals all cause aging, but Green Tea Extract is a great anti-inflammatory, sun protection, and antioxidant.
Protects the skin from harmful UV sun damage.
The polyphenol in green tea combines perfectly with sunscreen for added protection.
Green tea extract promotes cell turnover and reduces wrinkles by boosting collagen production.


Apply to any skin area and gently massage evenly into skin. Recommended to be used for manual body massage, or after body spa treatments. Can also be used as part of at-home every day routine.

Apply over clean skin after body treatment such as:

  • Cavitation
  • Vacuum Cupping
  • Vacuum Roller Massage
  • Cryo Slimming
  • Pressotherapy
  • RF Body Contouring
  • LipoLaser